How do I fix a dripping faucet

Not many people give a deep thought on this issue but it is my duty to inform you that over 10,000 gallons of wastage can be saved if you take one step and fix your dripping faucet. United states of America Environment Department has said that almost the wastage which is formed from the dripping faucets is enough to fill the swimming pool. That’s not all, you can save 10% of the money from the water bills each month.

Before you can fix the issue, you need to identify the issue before you can work on the fixing part. here are some of the notable reasons for Dripping Faucets. While you can try to fix the faucet itself, it might just be time to get a best kitchen faucet.


As we all are aware that there are many causes behind the Dripping, so we are going to discuss major issues.

  1. Corroded Valve Seat:Valves are always on the job because of that fiction causes. You can check the valves for damaged or worn off. It is common that the valves are worn off. You can always look into the valves and then replace it.
  2. Worn out Washer: Washers are one of the common reasons for water dropping and it can be fixed by replacing the washers. No matter how many times you changes, washers are damaged by the friction caused during the usage. You cannot fix it, but you can replace the washer with the new one.
  3. Improper installation of Washer: When the professional is looking at the situation, you feel secured but even professionals are humans, and they do make mistakes.Facing some improper installation issues is common. Leakage has mostly happened when the washers are not installed correctly.
  4. Loose Parts: When you are using the service for a longer period, the nuts and screws get to loosen up, which leads to leakage. You can always use the conventional tools to tight the loose screws and bolts to put an end to the leakage. This problem is also pretty evident in shower heads.
  5. Broken Plumbing: It is indeed rare to suspect the damages, but sometimes broken plumbing can turn out to be the culprit. When you are upgrading your house or making any changes can damage the plumbing areas, and you may want to check that part with the help of the professionals. It is not a bad idea to get a professional involved in the situation.
  6. Professional Plumber: We have seen in the records that many DIY methods end up in a bigger mess. When there is a situation, which you cannot handle, then it is wise to involve a professional into the situation. You can fix the problem and minimize the damages which can be occurred from your hard work.


You can always take your time in examining the issue then you can come to a decision. Did you know that in the process to fix the problem you can make the situation even worse, so what you can do is to involve the professional plumber into the situation? Almost 60% of the issues are minor and can be fixed yourself. If you have any questions related to the fixing the faucets then you can shine the comment section with your presence.