How to Maintain Leather Living Room Furniture?

Most modern homes nowadays sport leather living room furniture, which is a popular covering especially in contemporary dwellings. It used to be associated with grandfatherly environments or said to be found in most bachelor pads, but more and more homes are sporting these because they now come in a variety of colors and designs other than the traditional deep chocolate brown.

However, leather living room furniture requires a different kind of maintenance far from what your cotton, linen or plastic covering requires. If you own living room furniture covered in leather fabric, you should know how to take care of it so as to extend its life and make its appearance look as it if were still brand new.

Cleaning Materials You will Need
There are different cleaning materials used for leather living room furniture. Obviously, you cannot have it laundered because doing so will ruin the material. What you need would be a nice soft chamois or wash cloth and leather cleaner. Remember that leather cleaner comes in different colored liquids – there is one for black leather, brown or tan leather, and light or colored leather.

This is similar to the tones you would find for leather shoe polish. Do not make the mistake of cleaning your tan leather sofa with black leather polish, because it is going to leave a stain which you will not like! As much as possible, stick to the hues closest to the leather living room furniture that you own.

Lather Sofas

How to Clean
Cleaning leather furniture is easy since there is no laundering involved. The most you need to do is to gently wipe the surface with a slightly damp soft wash cloth (stay away from pieces that have rough surfaces as this can ruin the leather covering) and dry it up with a second, dry wash cloth.

On days that the leather furniture looks dull or lacking in sheen, that is when you bust out the leather polish and rub the surface gently. As soon as you’ve applied the polish, rub it in with a separate wash cloth the spread out the material and to gently make it shine. This cleaner extends the life of your leather furniture because believe it or not, leather is a fabric that needs a bit of moisturization just like our face.

Sometimes, leather furniture looks clean and shiny but you cannot escape the small gatherings of dust on the sides or the nooks and crannies. These are hard to reach places so you will need a small vacuum cleaner to get to these areas.

Do not attempt to dig these out yourself, as you might accidentally harm the leather and cause rips. Vacuuming will do the trick just fine, for as long as you use the smallest attachment. Most households also use a Swiffer brush to clean the corners of leather furniture, as the dust will attach itself to the Swiffer fabric quite easily.

Owning a piece of leather living room furniture is something to be proud of, so do not forget to pay attention to its care and maintenance!.


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